Our products are 100% made in Alaska.

Alaska Seafood Information

If you’re looking for some information on seafood in Alaska, we’ve got some great references for you!

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Wild Alaska Sablefish

Sablefish might be new to you, but U.S. and Canadian fishermen have been harvesting this tasty, buttery fish since the late 1800s. Also known as butterfish, skil, skilfish, beshow, coalfish, and black cod.

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Our products are 100% made in Alaska Learn More
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AK Black Cod products are 100% made in Alaska.

Our new ultra-clean processing plant was built based on FDA’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines. We take pride in our sanitation and safety procedures. Our plant is inspected by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation routinely.

“…I have to say, for me, Rich, the smoked salmon are my favorite; I can and do open a pack and eat some it every day. Just delicious; seasoned just right; can be combined or eaten with anything.

Thank you so much for this fish, and thank you for your great work; I hope and know that you and Lynn will have great success, and we look forward to buying salmon from you for years to come.”

Bill Quinn Bill Quinn

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